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Chocolate Chicken…What About The Crazy Name?

storefront.jpgIt all began back in 1983, when the original owners, two Egg Harbor farmers, decided to open a Fudge and Chocolate shop. Neither had any retail experience, but both loved fudge and chocolates. They simply wanted to share their passion for homemade hand-paddled fudge and chocolate treats, not only with family and friends, but with the growing number of visitors coming to Door County. The best way to accomplish this was by opening the first fudge and chocolate shop in downtown Egg Harbor.

How Did They Come Up With the Name…Chocolate Chicken?

These two farmers, described by locals as very charismatic fun-seeking characters, decided to partake in a pre-opening celebration with friends; everyone was excited about a new confectionery in Egg Harbor. During a very long night of festivities, plenty of food and drink was exchanged, along with endless stories and jokes. Numerous new names for the candy shop were shared.

We know that the original owners:

  • Loved fudge and chocolates
  • Raised chickens
  • Wanted their candy shop name to be unique, conjure up a joyful image, and become a part of Egg Harbor history
  • Owned an Egg Harbor farm with apple and cherry orchards located on the ridge overlooking Egg Harbor Village (their farmland has since been developed into vacation homes and condos known as Apple Ridge, Eames Farm, Harbor Vista, and Newport Resort)

Thus, the name Chocolate Chicken was officially chosen! Their legacy has successfully continued as a very familiar landmark in Egg Harbor and Door County for … over 35 years! We are very proud of Chocolate Chicken’s success. Since its humble beginnings in 1983, this little confectionery store has grown considerably.

We've Grown From Quaint Fudge Shop to...

  • Coffee Shop
  • Ice Cream Shop
  • Candy Shop
  • Sandwich Shop
    1. COFFEE - Best selection of gourment coffee in Door County: wide variety of flavored coffee, coffee from around the world, organic coffee, fair trade coffee, and Espresso too. 
    2. ESPRESSO - Hand-Crafted & Unique Espresso Latte / Mocha Creations
    3. LIP-SMACKING GOOD CE CREAM - 10 creamy Ice Cream flavors, including Door County Cherry, in a waffle or sugar cone, cup, specialty Sundaes, Milk Shake, Malt, Float & E-Shakes made with Chocolate Chicken coffee
    4. CONFECTIONARY - largest selection of assorted Chocolates, Truffles & Fudge
    5. GRAB n GO DELIGHTS - Chocolate Chicken Sweet Treats, Pastries & Breakfast / Lunch Sandwiches 


  • Delicious Chocolate Chicken Coffee
  • Fabulous Fudge for over 35 yrs
  • Lip Smacking Door County Ice Cream


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