Flower Blue Moon Sale 25% Off

Posted by Chocolate Chicken on 20th May 2019

Chocolate Chicken Café is now OPEN for our 36th season. Happy Birthday to us.

...and we're celebrating our 36th season with a Special Sale & the arrival of the rare Flower Blue Moon on 5/18. 

Get 25% OFF everything 5/18 - 6/2/19 < click here & Shop Today 

  • You can Order twice, Get 25% OFF again for all orders over $50. Deal ends 6/2/19 

    Did You Know...every season has three full moons. The third full moon is called Blue Moon. But this Spring is unusual with four full moons. And the fourth is called Flower Blue Moon.  

    The Old Farmer’s Almanac has long honored the Native American Moon names and the folklore of those who came before us. Native Americans and U.S Colonist used the moon to help track the seasons. A fourth full moon, Flower Blue Moon, occurring in May usually brings warmer temperatures ending late frosts and the start of plants blooming.

    So check it off your bucket list, enjoy this rare celestial event, Flower Blue Moon, beautiful blooming Spring flowers and Chocolate Chicken's 36th season / birthday...YUM